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about us

Our History

We are founders of the field and techniques of pathology dynamics. As engineers, we believe that engineering system methods, including dynamics and stability analysis, could be applied to pathological systems. After all, physiological systems must maintain homeostasis just like engineered systems must be able to maintain steady-state operation. We began an exploratory process whereby we developed sets of methods that could specifically be applied to complex pathologies. We began testing our methods on secondary injury following tramautic spinal cord injury (SCI), then Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), and most recently, Alzheimer's Disease (AD).

Our Mission

We believe pathology dynamics and the corresponding tools to be applicable to any mult-factorial patholgy, including pathologies that are considered intractable. Our mission is to use pathology dynamics to elucidate mysterious and debilitating pathologies as well as to identify and simulate novel treatment strategies targeted as rectifying pathological system instabilities.

Our Purpose

The purpose of our organization and website is resource sharing. We wish to share pathology dynamics tools, specific results from our pathology test cases, as well as to eventually provide on-line access to our ever-growing rich databases for quantitative published data in the fields of ALS and AD. We are also interested in trying new tools that make pathology dynamics research more efficient. For examle, we are seeking bioinformatics and/or literature mining tools that are capable of extracting figure legends or figure data from html or pdf research articles.

Who we are

Pathologydynamics.org is directed by Cassie S. Mitchell, Ph.D.  To learn more about Dr. Mitchell, see her personal website, www.cassie-mitchell.com.