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Enter one to three keywords to search, choose desired operations, desired search type, and select where to search the keywords. If the "AND" operation is selected, both phrases must be found in the selected location(s) in order for the paper to be returned. If the "OR" operation is selected, papers containing any of the phrases searched in the selected location(s) will be returned. The "Wildcard" search matches the keyword even if it is found within another phrase. For example, if "Amyloid" is searched and "Wildcard" is selected for the search type, the phrases "Amyloid", "Amyloid-beta", "Amyloid-β42", etc. will be matched. If "Exact" is selected for the search type, only the exact keyword "Amyloid" will be matched.

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Mitchell, C.S., Cates, A., Kim, R.B., Hollinger, S.K. (2015). Undergraduate Biocuration: Developing Tomorrow’s Researchers While Mining Today’s Data. The Journal of Undergraduate Neuroscience Education (JUNE), 14(1):A56-A65.